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Q: How many career wins does Mike Krzyzewski have?
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Which men's basketball coach has the most NCAA career wins?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who are the top three ncaa basketballs coaches with the most tournament wins?

The top three ncaa basketball coaches with the most tournament wins are Dean smith with 65, Mike krzyzewski with 56, and John wooden with 47

Who has the most NCAA wins among active coaches?

The college basketball active coach with the most wins is Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University with a record of 868 wins. He is commonly called Coach K and he already won?æfour championships with the Blue Devils.

How many NCAA wins does Duke have?

As of the 2013 college basketball season, Mike Krzyzewski has a record of 956-296 (.764).

How many career wins does Richard Petty have?

200 career wins and 7 championships.

How many wins does Jim Tressel have as a coach?

He has 105 wins in his career.

How many career wins did Randy Johnson have?

Randy Johnson ended his career with 303 wins and 166 losses.

What baseball team had three 200 game winners playing in the same season?

The most recent team was the 2007 New York Yankees who, at the end of the season, had Andy Pettitte (201 career wins), Mike Mussina (250 career wins), and Roger Clemens (354 career wins).

How many wins in career did Cy Young win?

511 wins 316 losses

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