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He had 138 triple-doubles

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Q: How many career triple doubles does Magic Johnson have?
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How many triple-doubles did magic Johnson have?

He had 138 triple-doubles.

How many triple doubles does magic johnson have?


How many triple doubles did Magic Johnson have in college?


How many triple doubles does Oscar Robertson have?

181, most for a career in NBA history. Magic Johnson is second with 138.

What NBA player has the most triple doubles in the playoffs?

Magic Johnson's 30 playoff triple doubles are the most all time.

Who has the most triple doubles in Michigan state history magic Johnson or charlie bell or greg kesler?

There have only been 9 triple doubles in MSU history, Magic has 8 of them.

What was Magic Johnson's ppg in his career?

Magic Johnson's career points per game average in the NBA was 19.5.

Who has the most triple doubles in nba history?

Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138), Jason Kidd (107)

Which player had the most tripledouble in NBA?

In the Regular Season its Oscar rRobertson with 181 trailed by Magic Johnson with 138 In the playoffs Magic Johnson is the leader in all time triple-doubles but i don't know by what number

Who has most triple doubles in NBA history?

Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138), Jason Kidd (107)

How many points has Magic Johnson scored in the NBA?

Magic Johnson has scored 17,707 points during his career in the NBA. He has a career average of 19.5 PPG during his career.

When did Magic Johnson's career end?


What did Magic Johnson contribute to the world?

His basketball career.

What sport did Magic Johnson participate in?

Magic Johnson was a professional basketball player. He was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire career.

How many assists did Magic Johnson have in the NBA?

Magic Johnson tallied 10,141 total assists in his career, an average of 11.2 per game

How many steals did Magic Johnson have in his NBA career?


How many rebounds did Magic Johnson grab in his career?

Magic Johnson grabbed a total of 6,559 rebounds during his NBA career. He grabbed 1,601 offensive rebounds and 4,958 defensive rebounds. Johnson had a career average of 7.2 RPG (1.8 ORG and 5.5 DRG).

Who is better magic Johnson or chris paul?

Magic Johnson is the better player because all though their stats are basically even and Chris Paul is having a career year, he has yet to do what Magic Johnson has done which is win a championship.

How many career points did magic Johnson get?

17,707 points in the NBA

What nba players averaged a double double for career?

magic johnson

In Magic Johnson's 13 year career how many times did he play in the finals?


How many times has Ervin Magic Johnson foul out of a game in his NBA career?


How many turnovers did magic Johnson have in the first six games of his NBA career?


Who did magic Johnson play for?

Magic Johnson only played for one team during his NBA career, the Los Angeles Lakers. He played 13 seasons with the team and attended college at Michigan State.

How many points did Magic Johnson score in the 1986-87 NBA season?

Magic Johnson scored a total of 1,909 points in the 1986-87 NBA season. That season he had a career high of 23.9 PPG.