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Bill Russell had 0 triple-doubles

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Q: How many career triple doubles did Bill Russell have?
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What was Bill Russell's number?

Bill Russell was number 6 throughout his career.

Did bill Russell ever play for the nuggets?

Bill Russell played his entire career for the Boston Celtics.

What number did Bill Russell wear when he played for the celtics?

Bill Russell was number six throughout his career.

What team was bill Russell on when he won the championships?

Bill Russell played his entire career (1956-59) with the Boston Celtics

How many career rebounds does Bill Russell have?


How many points did bill Russell have in his career?


How many championships did Bill Russell have in his career?

Bill Russell won 11 championships... 1957, 1959-66, 1968, & 1969.

What was bill russell's career high points scored in one game?


What percentage of NBA players were white during Bill Russell's career?


How many MVP awards did Bill Russell win during his career?

Bill Russell was named NBA MVP 5 times: 1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1965.

What nba teams did bill Russell play for?

He played with the Boston Celtics whole career

How many championship rings does bill Russel have?

Bill Russell Has 11 Rings with Boston Celtics, in his 13-year playing career.

How many rings did bill Russell get?

bill Russell won eleven rings in his career as an nba player. that's crazy like..most people get like one maybe two if they are lucky. eleven? damn

NBA - player with most championship titles?

Bill Russell, ended his career with 11 championship rings

Who is better Bill Russell or Michael Jordan?

bill Russell because bill Russell has more rings then Michael Jordan Russell has 11 and mj has 6

How many championships rings does Bill Russell have?

In Russell's 13 season NBA career with the Boston Celtics, he won 11 titles ... 9 as a player and 2 as a player-coach.

What is bill Russell full name?

Bill Felton Russell

When did bill Russell die?

Bill Russell is still alive today.

When was Bill Russell born?

Bill Russell was born on February 12, 1934.

What is Bill Russell's birthday?

Bill Russell was born on February 12, 1934.

Who has the most NBA champioship rings?

Bill Russell was on 11 championship teams with the Boston Celtics. He started his career in 1956 and retired after the 1969 season.

What were baseball player Bill Russell's total batting stats for 1984?

In 1984, Bill Russell played in 89 games, all for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and batting in all of them. He had 262 at bats, getting 70 hits, for a .267 batting average, with 9 sacrifice hits, 2 sacrifice flies, and 19 runs batted in. He was walked 25 times, 1 time intentionally. He struck out 24 times. He hit 12 doubles, 1 triple, and 0 home runs.

Who Played for the same team their whole career?

Some, but not all, include Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Wes Unseld.

How much is a Bill Russell auto baseball worth?

Nothing. Bill Russell was a basketball player

When was Bill Russell - baseball - born?

Bill Russell - baseball - was born on 1948-10-21.