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Q: How many career points does Kevin Garnett have?
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How many 40 point games in Kevin garnett career?


How many kids does Kevin Garnett have?

Kevin Garnett has 2 little boys.

How many career points does Kevin durant have?


How many tattoos does Kevin garnett have?

Kevin Garnett has 7 tattos on both his shoulders (3 on left, 4 on right)

How many points has Kevin Durant scored in his career?

After the 2010-11 season, Durant has scored 8,128 points in his career

How many points did Kevin Ellery make in his college career?


How many sisters does Kevin Garnett have?

he has 2

How many children does Kevin Garnett have?

Kevin's wife is pregnant with their first child

How many awards has Kevin Garnett got?


How many championship rings does Kevin garnett have?

He has three

Did Kevin garnett have a friend?

yes, he has many friends

How many kids does Kevin garnett has?

one millon

How many MVP'S has Kevin Garnett won?

One in 2004.

How many chanpionship rings do Kevin garnett have?

he has one ring

How many times was Kevin garnett an all star?


How many rings does kevin garnett have?

Only one in 2008

How many times has Kevin Garnett been injured?


What was Kevin Garnett's career stats in high school?

25.2 PPG/17.9 RPG/6.7 APG/6.5 BPG,I Don;t know how many steals per game??

Who is better Kevin Garnett and LeBron James?

Lebron James is better, Kevin Garnett has had a consistent 20 points and 10 rebounds career but Lebron James scores way more points and assists, the only reason why many people say that Kevin garnett is better is cause of the fact that he has won an nba championship. by the way my name is Subhendu Singha. i plan on being the first Indian nfl player, and the first Indian American president of the united states, so remember my name cause i will be the first pick in the 2013 nfl Draft. One more thing go on Google and type in when doves cry, click on the video and watch it, also type in te amo corazon on Google, it is a very good song They are two very good players but Kevin Garnett is getting old and might retire soon and LeBron James is young so he will get better and better. But i honestly can't decide who is a better player.

How many championships has Kevin Garnett won?


How many years did Kevin Garnett attend Mauldin High School?


How many all star games has Kevin garnett made?

13 times.

How many calories does Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett eat in a day?

less then you!

How many times has Kevin garnett made the nba all-star game?


How Many Championships Did Kevin Garnett Have?

He has one now!! He won it in 2007-08 season with the celtics.