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Q: How many career bases loaded at bats did Lou Gehrig have?
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How many at bats has Alex Rodriguez had in his career with the bases loaded?


What baseball player had the most career at bats?

Pete Rose had 14053 official at bats and drew 1566 bases on balls.

How many at bats did Lou Gehrig have?


How many times was Derek Jeter up with the bases loaded before he hit his first grand slam?

Derek Jeter had broke a 135 at-bats streak with the bases loaded, when he hit his first and only grand slam on June 18, 2005.

Who has highest world series batting average with minimum of 100 at bats?

Lou Gehrig .361Lou Gehrig had a .361 average with 119 World Series at bats.

How many at-bats did Joe DiMaggio have in his career?

Joe DiMaggio had 6,821 career at-bats.

How many at bats did Mickey Tettleton have in his career?

Mickey Tettleton had 4,698 at bats in his career.

Did Lou Gehrig ever hit over .400?

No, he did not. The highest batting average Lou Gehrig had in one season, with the league minimum of at-bats, was .379 in 1930.

How many at bats did it take Lou Gehrig to get to 2721 hits?

On April 29, 1939, Lou Gehrig collected hit number 2,721 in his 7,995th at-bat.

What are baseball player Lou Gehrig's physical stats?

Lou Gehrig is 6 feet tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

If in baseball you're up at bat and you get walked with bases loaded and a run is forced in how can you get an RBI when a walk doesn't count as an 'at bat'?

It still counts as a plate appearance, and as a result of your plate appearance (bases loaded walk), a run scored. Therefore you are credited with an RBI. A sacrifice fly doesn't count as an at-bat either, but RBIs are credited. Double-plays are counted as at-bats but they disqualify RBIs. "At-bats" have absolutely nothing to do with RBIs.

In major league baseball who has the most consecutive at bats with an RBI?

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