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Q: How many career assists did Wayne gretzky have?
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How many assists did Wayne Gretzky have in his whole time on the oilers?

In the career of The Great One, he has scored 1,963 assists. The most he has scored in a single season is 163

How many records does Wayne Gretzky hold?

Wayne gretzky has broke 5 records but with each he surpassed his own records more than once. He also has 4 Stanley cups and 45 trophies/awards.

How many assists did Wayne Gretzky score in one season?

87666 87666

How many points did Wayne Gretzky get in his NHL career?

As many as he wanted to get 1016 acutally

How many assists did Gretzky get in his entire career?

1963 for the NHL and 64 for the BAH-HUMBUG.

How many goals and assists did Wayne Gretzky have in the 1984 finals?

a lot. ;) JUSTIN BIEBER D:< il est gay

How many points did Wayne Gretzky accumalate within his nhl career?

2857 regular season points and 382 playoff points

How many medals did Wayne Gretzky win?

Gretzky won one gold medal, but only as the general manager of Team Canada. NHLers did not start playing in the Olympics until near the end of his career.

How many points did brent gretzky get in his nhl career?

4 points. 1 goal and 3 assists in 13 games

How many sons does Wayne Gretzky have?

5 kids

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his career?

894 goals in regular season games + 122 goals in playoff games = 1,016 total career goals.

How many minutes where Wayne Gretzky in the penalty box?

Wayne Gretzky played from 1979-1999 appearing in 1487 games and accumulated 577 penalty minutes.