How many cardinal numbers retired?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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1 - Richie Ashburn

14 - Jim Bunning

20 - Mike Schmidt

32 - Steve Carlton

36 - Robin Roberts

The number 42 has been retired by all MLB teams. The Phillies trademark 'P' has been retired for Grover Cleveland Alexander and Chuck Klein. Alexander played in the era when there were no jersey numbers and Klein wore many different numbers (3, 32, 36, 1, 25, 29, 8) while a member of the Phillies.

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The St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB) have retired the following numbers, along with the person who wore the number last:

#1: Ozzie Smith

#2: Red Schoendienst

#6: Stan Musial

#9: Enos Slaughter

#10: Tony LaRussa (Manager)

#14: Ken Boyer

#17: Dizzy Dean

#20: Lou Brock

#24: Whitey Hertzog (Manager)

#42: Jackie Robinson (number retired throughout baseball in 1997)

#42: Bruce Sutter

#45: Bob Gibson

#85: August Busch (President)(number retired in conjunction with his 85th birthday)

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* 2 Nellie Fox * 3 Harold Baines * 4 Luke Appling * 9 Minnie Minoso * 11 Luis Aparicio * 16 Ted Lyons * 19 Billy Pierce * 42 Jackie Robinson * 72 Carlton Fisk

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The Diamondbacks have retired Luis Gonzalez' number 20 in August, 2010. The other retired number is Jackie Robinson's, which is retired through all of Baseball

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Q: How many cardinal numbers retired?
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