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6 players can be named captain.

I think you can have up to 2 Offensive Captains,2 Defensive Captains,and 2 Special Team Captains.......

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Q: How many captains on an NFL team?
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Why do the NFL qbs where that c?

That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

How many stars are NFL captains allowed to where?


How many captains are on a soccer team?


Are there captains in the football teams?

Yes there are captains in the football team.

How many captain our on a hockey team?

1 captain 2 assistant captains

What do the rainbow colors on the c patch on an NFL jersey stand for?

The 'C' patch is new to the NFL this season (2007) and signifies the Captains of the team.

Who were the original team captains on TVs shooting stars?

The original Team Captains of Shooting Stars were Ulrika Johnson and Mark Lamar.

How many NHL team captains on team Canada?

There are 9 captains on Team Canada and they are: Roberto Luongo Jarome Iginla Brendan Morrow Eric Stall Scott Niedermayer Jonathan Toews Sidney Crosby Rick Nash Mike Richards

Whoare team captains on a question of sport?

The team captains are usually chosen by the team members. They will nominate some people and they will have a vote. The person with the most votes will become the captain of the team.

Does Hawaii have an NFL team?

No. But it has hosted the NFL Pro Bowl for many years.

How many plays are there in a NFL playbook?

NFL playbooks can have as many plays as the coach and team decide. On average, an NFL team playbook can have up to 300 plays even if they all are not used.

On a swim team are there any captains?