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Q: How many caps do the LA Dodgers have?
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Why do the Dodgers have a white button on their baseball caps?

they don't

Is the dodgers from Boston?

No the dodgers are from la

How many games did the LA Dodgers lose during the 2013 season?

The LA Dodgers lost 70 regular season games during the 2013 regular season.

How many times have the LA Dodgers been to world series?


What is LA's baseball teams?

LA Angels And LA Dodgers

What is LA Dodgers full name?

The Los Angeles Dodgers

Coach for the LA Dodgers?

The Dodgers are managed by Don Mattingly.

How many pennants have the Brooklyn Dodgers won since 1903?

The Brooklyn Dodgers became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1957. As the LA Dodgers, they won the World Series in 1988, 1981, 1965, 1963, 1959. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the 1955 World Series.

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers in 2011?

The manager of the 2011 Dodgers was Don Mattingly.

How many home runs did Hank Aaron have against the dodgers?

Hank Aaron hit 95 career home runs against the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers.

How many home runs did Manny Ramirez hit with the Dodgers?

Manny Ramirez hit 44 career home runs in three seasons with the LA Dodgers.

Did Jackie Robinson play for the Dodgers in Los Angeles?

When Jackie Robinson played with the Dodgers, they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers moved to LA in 1958. Robinson played with the Dodgers from 1947-1956, and the Dodgers was the only team he played for in the MLB.