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Q: How many caps did Kenny Dalglish win for Scotland?
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How many trophies has Kenny dalglish won?


How many current premier league managers have won European cup?

paul lambert kenny dalglish martin o neill

How many goal's has Kenny Dalglish scored?

In his career as a striker (1969-1990), he totally scored 366 goals (1968-1977: 167 goals for Celtic; 1977-1990: 169 goals for Liverpool; and 30 goals for the national team - Scotland

Who is a famous soccer player from Scotland?

Famous Scottish FootballersThere were many famous football players from Scotland, some of the best including Jimmie Johnstone, Kenny Dalglish, Denis Law, and Alan Hansen. If you're talking about active Scottish footballers, there's Barry Ferguson, Steven Pressley, and Darren Fletcher.

How many managers have won English league titles with different clubs?

brian clough derby and forest Kenny dalglish Liverpool and blackburn

How many caps did Billy McNeill gain for Scotland?

Billy McNeill played 29 times for Scotland.

How many caps did ian macmillan win for Scotland?

Ian McMillan was capped 6 times by Scotland between 1952 and 1961.

How many current premiership managers have won trophies of any kind whilst managing in the Premiership?

Six - Sir Alex Ferguson,Roberto Mancini,Arsene Wenger,Harry Redknapp,Kenny Dalglish,Alex Mcleish

How many fathers have managered their sons in the premier league?

kenny and jordy dalglish at newcastle utd. Alex and darren ferguson at man utd, alex and steve bruce at birmingham city, harry and jamie redknapp at portsmouth

How many trophies has Dalglish won as Liverpool manager?

1 the 2011/2012 carling cup

How many caps does cesc fabregas have?

72 caps

How many caps did Pele win?

97 caps

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