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The capacity has changed frequently, peaking at 120,000 after a 1953 expansion. Since then there have been a number of reductions due to modernisations (the last standing places went away in 1998/99 in response to UEFA regulations which forbids standing at matches in the UEFA competition), countered to some extent by expansions. The last change was an increase of about five thousand to a capacity of 80,400, effected in 2003. A plan to add a retractable roof has been announced.

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enough for 76,212 but because to help with crowd control it is only filled up to around 70 000

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Centre Court, the main court of the tournament, has a capacity of 15,916 seats.

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Q: How many can real Madrid stadium hold?
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How man does the real Madrid stadium hold?

There are 78,000 seats at real Madrid stadium the Santiago Bernabeu.

Which stadium belongs to real Madrid?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the home ground of Real Madrid.

How do you get from Madrid airport to real Madrid stadium?

by metro or bus

How many people can fit in the Real Madrid football team stadium?

81,044 people can be seated in the stadium

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Real Madrid usually train at the Alfredo di Stéfano Stadium

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Real Madrid hold the record of 9 champion league titles.

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Which Spanish football team plays in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

The Santiago Bernabéu is a football stadium in Madrid, Spain. It is the home ground of Real Madrid.

What is real Madrids stadium highest people?

The president of Real Madrid is Fiorentina Perez.

What Football team plays in the Barnabeu Stadium in Spain?

Real Madrid

What is the real Madrid stadium?

Real Madrid play in the statistically best stadium in Spain up to present time, the only one of Spain to have been awarded with a five star rating, the Santiago Bernabéu, the name taken by the President of Real Madrid who also built it, and managed the club for the most years.

What is the largest football stadium in Spain?

The oldest Spanish soccer stadium is El Molinon stadium, home of Sporting Gijon. It's been in use since 1908.