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You can burn up to 300 calories when you go freestyle swimming for an hour. You can burn more than this if you are swimming intensely.

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Q: How many calories do you burn freestyle swimming for an hour?
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How many calories burned swimming one hour of front crawl?

In swimming, the front crawl is another name for swimming freestyle. Depending on how fast a person is swimming and a body's metabolism, you can burn between 400 and 600 calories.

How many calories will freestyle swimming burn?

It depends on how active you are when you're swimming, but maybe 300 kcal an hour. It altso depends on your age, height, weight, and so much more.

How many calories do you burn swimming in an hour?

Between 250 - 500 calories. It depends on how fast and how much swimming you do within that hour.

How many calories burned swimming in salt water?

You can burn as many as 100 calories per hour just swimming casually in salt water. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour if you're swimming vigorously.

Does swimming burn a lot of calories?

Yes swimming does burn a lot of calories. This is because you are working a lot harder to move and keep yourself up when you are in water. It can burn (on average) 500 calories an hour.

How much calories can you burn swimming?

It is a broad range from about 450 to 950 calories per hour.

How many calories does a 100 pound person burn when swimming breststroke for an hour?

150 Calories.

How many calories do you burn in a swimming event?

A 150 pound woman on average will burn 400+ calories per hour on average.

How many calories do you burn in swimming in 1 hour?

The answer varies for everybody. It depends on your speed, metabolism, and how much you are working. Generally, swimming moderately slowly, you would burn about 700 calories.

How many calories can I burn with exercise?

How many calories you burn with exercise depends on how hard you exercise and how much you weigh. The more vigorous the exercise, the more calories per hour you can burn. Cross-country skiing, jogging and swimming are exercises that burn a significant number of calories per hour.

How many calories a 100 pound person burn by swimming for about 0.5 to 1 hour?


How many calories do you burn by swimming 25 laps in a 50 meter pool?

A 55 kilo person swimming 25 laps in one hour would burn 479 calories. The number of calories is primarily based on weight and pace.

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