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Q: How many buzzer beaters lebron James have made?
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How many buzzer beaters does lebron James have?

3 now that he made the wide open layup its funny how they compare him to jordan when jordan had 25 in his career and 6 MVPs in the finals lol

How many buzzer beaters has Kobe Bryant made?


How great is LeBron James?

Lebron James is the greatest not to brag but he has made countless buzzer beaters, MVP of the year in 2009, 40+ ppg a night in the playoffs, has an incredible 44" vertical leap is built, can make miraculous drives and shots. and is the best right now in the NBA. forget about haters of lebron. they are just hating themselves. lebron is and will be the greatest in the NBA.

How many buzzer beaters did Kobe make in his career?

Kobe had made 75 gaming shots

How many buzzer beaters have the los angeles lakers made this year 2010?

9 including playoffs

Is there a song about LeBron James?

yes eminem made it about lebron when he was in highschool

Where are LeBron James shoes made?

there made in china

What made LeBron James famous?

He kept on practicing how to play basketball and the he got in NBA that's what made Lebron James famous :)

How many buzzard beaters has Kobe made?

23 if youre thinking of lebron probaly more than tha but Kobe he ony made -555

What is the value of a Lebron James rookie card?

The LeBron James rookie card is currently valued at $6,679 dollars. LeBron James made his NBA debut in 2003 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What professional athletes made it out of poverty?

LeBron James

How many shots has lebron James made in his career?


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