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exactly 3 bumps. I counted.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-07 16:10:10
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Q: How many bumps on a football?
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Why does a football have little bumps on it?

Because it is cold and has goose bumps!

What are the reasons for lumps on top of ball?

In most cases, the bumps on a ball are used mainly for griping whether it be a basketball or a football. In few cases, bumps are used for aerodynamics.

How many bumps on a women's basketball?

there should be no bumps on any normal basketball.

Your son gets numerous tumor like bumps on his head you have taken him to the doctor--they are not tumors The bumps are filled with either a clear liquid or blood He plays football wears a helmet?

sounds like a blister

How many bumps do you get if have herpes?

There is no specific number of bumps. You may have none in some cases

What can help a quarterback grip the ball in wet weather?

get gloves with bumps on the palm. even though I am a girl I play football and im in 9th grade. I use these gloves form Dicks sporting goods, with the bumps on the palm and they work amazing

Do you have chickenpox if you have small bumps?

Many conditions cause small bumps. See your healthcare provider for a clear diagnosis.

What is the primary cause for chill bumps?

A person can get chill bumps for many reason. A person can be cold, scared and have something near them.

How does zebedee die in football factory?


What are small sore bumps on your tongue?

these bumps are food bumps on our tongue they help us to recognice different food. our tongue has many different different food bumps for eg u can taste anything salty in the bottom of our tongue .

How many chickenpox bumps can you get after having the vaccine?

A patient may get five to ten bumps after having chickenpox vaccine. If they have "breakthrough" chickenpox after having the vaccine (infection lessened by chickenpox) they may have 50 or so bumps. A typical full-blown infection, in contrast, has 250-500 bumps.

Painful bumps on left side of scalp?

There are many reasons why you might have painful bumps on left side of scalp. These could be bug bites.

How many bumps on a basketball?

The bumps on a basketball, called pebbling, are quite numerous. In fact, there are 9,342,059 of them on a regulation size basketball.there are 1,234,469,623

You have many red sores on your vagina along with two random sores on your legs you noticed the bumps on your vagina after shaving What could it be?

stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

How many bumps do you get if you have genital herpes?

A primary herpes outbreak may involve dozens of bumps. Outbreaks in those with antibodies to herpes may have few or even no bumps, although the virus can be passed when the infection is active.

How many bumps are on a size six basketball?


What are burning red bumps on your stomach?

The burning red bumps could be many different things. Some things it may be is poison ivy, hives or scabies.

Bumps on tongue?

the bumps are sugar bumps. its when you at too much sugar.

Why does the large intestine have many folds and bumps?

Becaus it does HaHAHAHAHA

Why do pickles have bumps?

Some pickles have bumps because the cucumbers they were made from have bumps.

Multiple bumps on child's head?

There are many things that can be causing bumps on a child's head. If they have fallen and hit their head, bug bits, scratches, and tics can all be causes.

Do shaving bumps look like genital warts?

Many patients confuse shaving bumps for genital warts. Experienced clinicians find them easy to distinguish.

What are these bumps around my breast nipple?

If they are small bumps (like the bumps on your leg), they areDEFINITELY hair bumps. Now, if they are big bumps...i think you should contact a physcian or doctor immediately.

Why is there bumps on the bottom of beer bottles?

I can speculate on a number of reasons: The bumps are added after washing for reuse so they know how many times a bottle has been reused.

Are Tongue bumps a sign of strep?

They can be, but there are many other causes, as well.