How many brothers does Steve Waugh have?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: How many brothers does Steve Waugh have?
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Which pair of Australian brothers has captained the Australian cricket team?

The brothers Mark and Steve Waugh have both captained the Australian national cricket side.

How many brothers have been in the Australian cricket team?

Steve Waugh and Mark Waugh Shane Lee and Brett Lee

Who are the two Waugh brothers of Australian cricket?

The Test-playing Waugh brothers are Steve and Mark Waugh, twins who were born on June 2, 1965. Two further brothers were Dean and Danny Waugh, the latter of whom played in the Middlesex Premier League for five seasons.

How many pairs of brothers have played cricket for Australia at the same time?

only 2 Mike and David Hussey Steve and mark waugh What about the Chappell brothers ??

What is the birth name of Steve Waugh?

Steve Waugh's birth name is Stephen Roger Waugh.

What nicknames does Steve Waugh go by?

Steve Waugh goes by Tugger.

What is Steve Waugh's birthday?

Steve Waugh was born on June 2, 1965.

When was Steve Waugh born?

Steve Waugh was born on June 2, 1965.

Who are Steve Waugh's parents?

Rodger and Beverley Waugh

How many tests did it take Steve Waugh to score his first test century?

Steve Waugh scored his first test century in his 27th test match.

How many test matches has Steve Waugh played?


What has the author Steve Waugh written?

Steve Waugh has written: 'Steve Waugh's Diary 2001' 'Never satisfied' -- subject(s): Diaries, Cricket captains, Cricket, Cricket players 'Out of My Comfort Zone' 'Images of Waugh'