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i belive Eli and payton are the only brothers who have played against each other as starting nfl qbs

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Q: How many brother NFL quarterbacks have played against each other?
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Which 2 quarterbacks played against each other the most times in nfl history?

Dan Marino and Jim Kelly - 21 times

In an NFL game can 2 quarterbacks on the same team play at the same time?

yes, there is no rule against an NFL team having 2 quarterbacks on the field at the same time the only restriction regarding quarterbacks is that the 3rd quarterback cannot play in the game at all unless both of the other 2 quarterbacks are injured and unable to play further in the game

How does a Civil War differ from other wars?

You are fighting your own countrymen, Sometimes brother against brother or Father against som.

Have 2 brothers ever faced each other in a nfl game as quarterback?

Twice in 2006, when Eli Manning played against his brother Peyton Manning.

Why was the battle of Front Royal billed as brother against brother?

The battle of the Front Royal was billed as brother against brother because all of the troops were from Maryland and fought against each other. The troops that fought were the First Maryland CSA and the Kenly's Union Marlanders.

Who did the American soldiers fight in the battle in the civil war?

As a Civil War, Americans fought each other: brother against brother, father against son, neighbor against neighbor.

What Super Bowl has ever seen two quarterbacks from the same college start against each other?

It has never happened in Super Bowl history.

Who are the oldest quarterbacks to start against each other in the nfl?

I believe it was Arizona vs. minnesota on dec 6 2009 ...Brett farve and Kurt warner

Compare the civil war to the israel -arab war?

The US Civil War was fought against itself (brother against brother). The country of Israel fought other countries, unrelated to them.

When was the last time two NFL lefthanded quarterbacks played against each other in the playoffs?

The 2005-2006 season playoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Washington Redskins. Chris Simms was the Tampa quarterback and Mark Brunell was the Washington quarterback. Washington won 17-10.

What were they during the civil war brother against brother?

Because the civil war tore families apart in the sense that one brother would be in the union the other in the confederacy and they would kill each other because of the war situations.

What was the reason the civil war was called the Brother's war?

It turned brother against brother many families were torn apart when one son fought for one side and one for the other.

Which brothers have played against each other in the premier league?

The Charlton Brothers, Bobby and Jackie played against each other in the old first division. Bobby for Man Utd and Jackie for Leeds Utd.

Why Ichigo and Ganju insult each other?

A soul reaper killed his brother so he held a grudge against soul reapers. (Rukia killed his brother)

Why was the Civil War called brother against brother?

In the US Civil War, opinions on the issues that caused the war were deeply divided. Some families were split, with one brother serving on one side and another serving on the other. Sometimes it was merely neighbors, friends, or in-laws who served on opposing sides. The result was that the phrase "brother against brother" is sometimes used to describe the situation.

How many times has Barcelona and Manchester united played against each other?

Barcelona and Manchester United have played against each other eleven times total. Both teams have been fairly equally matched.

How many brothers have played against each other in the NFL?


Have the manning brothers played against each other in the super bowl?


When Serena and Venus played against each other who won?


Did the Manning brothers ever play against each other in a Super Bowl?

No. They have played against each other in regular season games, but never in a Super Bowl.

Explain 1 Corinthian 6 verse 6-7?

What the word of God is teaching here is that a brother should not go against another brother in a court of law to have a judgment made against one or the other. Brothers in Christ should settle their differences between them outside the law of the land.

In which chapter of the Bible does it say family members will turn against each other and hold grudges?

Matthew 10.21; which says: And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against [their] parents, and cause them to be put to death.

In 1998 which 2 teams played the world cup against each other?

Brazil played France in the 1998 final.

Are there any NFL teams that have never played against each other?

No. All current teams have played against each other at least once. Under the current scheduling formula, every team plays every other team at least once every four seasons.

Have brothers ever pitched against each other in baseball?

Yes the Weaver brothers. One is on the Dodgers and the outher one is on Angles The most starts that brothers have had against each other is 9 by the Niekros (Joe and Phil) between 1967-1982. Joe won 5 and Phil won 4. Greg Maddux started against his brother, Mike, on two occasions. Each brother won once.