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The Iowa Hawkeyes have played in 23 bowl games with a record of 12-10-1.

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Q: How many bowl games have the University of Iowa played?
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Iowa how many bowl games?

As of the 2008 season, Iowa has played in 22 bowl games. Their record is 11-10-1.

How many Bowl games has the University of Georgia been in?

As of the 2011 season the University of Georgia has played in 46 bowl games with an all-time record of 26-17-3.

How many times has Iowa played Texas in football?

Twice, in 1984 and in 2006. Both were bowl games.

How many bowl games have the University of Alabama been in?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the University of Alabama has played in 55 bowl games. Their record is 31-21-3.

What is the win-loss record between the university of IA and the university of FL?

Florida 2 and Iowa 1. Iowa won the 2004 Outback Bowl and Florida won the 2006 Outback Bowl and 1983 Gator Bowl.

What school has the all time wins in bowl games?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the University of Alabama has won the most bowl games (31) and played in the most bowl games (55). Their bowl record is 31-21-3.

How many times have the Florida Gators played the Iowa Hawkeyes?

3 times with Florida leading the series 2-1. All three meetings have been in bowl games. Florida won the 1983 Gator Bowl and 2006 Outback Bowl and Iowa won the 2004 Outback Bowl.

What was the university of Florida's football team's record in 2005?

Florida's record in the 2005 season was 9-3. This includes their Bowl game played on 1/2/06 (Outback Bowl) where they defeated Iowa.

How many bowl games has Iowa State been to?

The Iowa State Cyclones have been to twelve bowl games in their time in the league. They have an overall record of 3-9, with 2 conference titles.

Hat was Arizona State University football team record 1997?

9-3. They played in the Sun Bowl that season and defeated Iowa, 17-7.

How many bowl games has University of Arkansas play in?

39 bowl games

How many bowl games did Iowa go to under head coach Hayden Fry?

I think 14 bowl games, but I'm not sure.

Has the University of Akron played in any bowl games?

Since becoming a division 1-A football school in 1987 Akron has played in one bowl game, losing to Memphis 38-31 in the 2005 Motor City Bowl.

How many bowl appearances has Louisiana State University made?

As of the 2008 season, LSU has played in 39 bowl games and has a record of 20-18-1.

Has University of Florida and FSU every played a game in the Gator Bowl?

No. Florida and Florida State play their regular season games in either Gainesville or Tallahassee and have met twice in bowl games ... the 1995 Sugar Bowl and 1997 Sugar Bowl.

Who played in the 2003 orange bowl?

USC and Iowa SC won

Which college football team lost all seven of its bowl games in the 1970?

The University of Michigan lost the 5 Rose Bowls, 1 Gator Bowl, and 1 Orange Bowl they played in the 1970s.

Did the University of Hawaii play in the Rose Bowl?

As of the 2008 Rose Bowl, the University of Hawaii has never played in a Rose Bowl game.

How many bowl games has Michigan state university played in?

18 bowl games. Unfortunately when Michigan State was very good the Big Ten would not allow a team to go to a bowl game two years in a row. The total would be much higher. Actually wasnt that only true with respect to the Rose Bowl Game and not all Bowl games ????

Where was the Sugar Bowl first played?

The first Sugar Bowl was played in Tulane Stadium at Tulane University.

How many bowl games has USC played?

The USC Trojans have played in 47 bowl games with a record of 31-16.

Has the university of Iowa football ever won a national championship?

Yes, the NCAA recognizes one national title for Iowa. The year was 1958. That year the LSU Tigers played a schedule based on racism (white opponents only) and went 11-0. LSU squeaked by their bowl opponent 7-0 playing basically a home game in the Sugar Bowl played in Lousiana. Iowa played an integrated (much more difficult) schedule going 8-1-1, destroying California in the Rose Bowl (played in CA, aka a ROAD game) the score, 38-12. Iowa also set or tied 7 Rose Bowl records. Iowa was clearly the best team in the country in 1958 and was granted the National Title Trophy granted to the National Champion awarded by the "FWAA" the most respected and recognized football organization in the USA at the time. If LSU as an institution did not practice and preach racism and actually played Iowa, they would have been beaten by a large margin.

How many times did the Iowa Hawkeyes win the Rose Bowl?

they have played in it five times.

How many bowl games have the Nebraska Cornhuskers played in?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have played in 45 bowl games with a record of 23-22.

What movie and television projects has Forest Evashevski been in?

Forest Evashevski has: Played Forest Evashevski in "Harmon of Michigan" in 1941. Played Himself - Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach in "1957 Rose Bowl" in 1957. Played Himself - Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach in "1959 Rose Bowl" in 1959. Played Himself - Color Commentator in "1960 Cotton Bowl" in 1960. Played himself in "ESPN SportsCentury" in 1999.