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1) 1986 Gator Bowl - lost to Clemson 27-21.

2) 1993 Blockbuster Bowl - defeated Penn State 24-3.

3) 2011 Orange Bowl - defeated Virginia Tech 40-12.

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Q: How many bowl games has Stanford played in Florida?
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Has University of Florida and FSU every played a game in the Gator Bowl?

No. Florida and Florida State play their regular season games in either Gainesville or Tallahassee and have met twice in bowl games ... the 1995 Sugar Bowl and 1997 Sugar Bowl.

Who has more bowl appearances Arkansas or Florida State?

Through the 2008 season, Florida State has played in 37 bowl games (record 21-14-2) and Arkansas has played in 36 bowl games (record 11-22-3).

What team played in the Rose Bowl in 1914-1916?


Has florida ever played penn state in football?

Yes, three times ... the 1962 Gator Bowl, 1998 Florida Citrus Bowl, and 2011 Outback Bowl. Florida won all 3 games.

Who won more bowl games Florida or Miami?


Where is the orange bowl played?


How many times has Nebraska won the Rose Bowl?

0. Nebraska has played in two Rose Bowl games losing to Stanford, 21-13, in 1941 and to Miami, 37-14, in 2002.

Has Florida ever played Michigan in football?

Twice ... the 2003 Outback Bowl and 2008 Capital One Bowl. Michigan won both games.

How many times have the Florida Gators played the Iowa Hawkeyes?

3 times with Florida leading the series 2-1. All three meetings have been in bowl games. Florida won the 1983 Gator Bowl and 2006 Outback Bowl and Iowa won the 2004 Outback Bowl.

Where is the capital one bowl game played?

The Capital One Bowl is played in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida.

What teams played in the 1902 Rose Bowl game?

Michigan 49, Stanford 0

Which teams played in the 1971 Rose Bowl?

Stanford defeated Ohio State, 27-17, in the 1971 Rose Bowl.

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