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over 50 of them!

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a lot

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Q: How many books did sid fleischman write?
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What is Sid Fleischman's birthday?

Sid Fleischman was born on March 16, 1920.

When was Sid Fleischman born?

Sid Fleischman was born on March 16, 1920.

Who were Sid fleischman's parents?

Sid Fleischman's parents were Russian immigrants named Reuben and Sadie Fleischman. Sid was married to Betty Taylor and their children's names are Anne, Jane, and Paul.

Is sid fleischman steel alive?


How many pages does the whipping boy have?

"The Whipping Boy" by Sid Fleischman is a relatively short book, typically around 100 pages long.

Are Sid fleischman and Paul fleischman related?

Yes b/c they are father and son

What nicknames did Albert Sidney Fleischman go by?

Albert Sidney Fleischman went by Sid.

Who wrote The Whipping Boy?

Sid fleischman

What was Sid Fleischman childhood like?

it was hard

What year did Sid Fleischman die?


Who is Sid Fleischman married with?

Betty Taylor

What are sid fleischman's hobbies?

Gardening and magic