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Several. Boise State and Parish Episcopal School in Dallas both have it.

Actually there are two, as off now West Hills High School in Santee, California has a blue turf football field. :)

New update: Check out UNH Chargers field and a new one in Barrow, Alaska. They are popping up everywhere.

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Q: How many blue turf football fields are there?
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What are some interesting or weird facts about Boise State?

The turf on the football field is blue and known as the Smurf Turf. Many people non-green fields are not allowed. The team was banned from wearing blue uniforms because they blended in too much.

Is American football on artificial ground?

Some football fields are artificial turf and some are real grass.

What college football team has blue turf?

Boise state

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No some football fields use natural grass. Most football stadiums are switching to artificial turf because it is cheaper and easier to maintain.

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probably turf or grass

What kind of football shoes should be used on synthetic grass?

Puma has an extensive range of football shoes that have been designed to be worn on artificial turf fields. Any shoe safe for Artificial turf will be labled that way. There are football shoes that are designed specifically for use on synthetic grass/artificial turf. New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike all make a variety of shoes for all different styles of turf for different sports.

What are the fields at the end of a frame called?

astro turf

Why do football players wear arm sleeves?

Many players wear arm sleeves because they do not want to get turf burn. Turf burns are more relevant on the older style of turf.

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