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Jeff Frye, 08-17-2001

Kelly Gruber, 04-16-1989

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Q: How many blue jays have hit for the cycle?
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How many home runs has Jose Bautista Hit with he Jays?

He's Hit 133 home runs with the Blue Jays

How many home runs did the blue jays get in the year 2009?

The Toronto Blue Jays as a team hit 209 home runs in 2009

Do blue jays hit puberty?

All animals and birds go through this process. So yes, jays hit puberty.

Who are players that hit a home run for the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees?

A few are Jesse Barfield (179 HRs for the Blue Jays and 62 HRs for the Yankees), Otto Velez (72 for the Blue Jays and 6 for the Yankees), Rick Cerone (11 for the Blue Jays and 31 for the Yankees), Tony Fernandez (60 for the Blue Jays and 5 for the Yankees), and Cliff Johnson (54 for the Blue Jays and 20 for the Yankees).

All Time Home Run champion of Blue Jays?

It's Carlos Delgado, who hit 336 home runs as a member of the Blue Jays from 1993 to 2004.

What Blue Jays have hit 30 home runs?

I Dont Know That Question

Who has hit 4 home runs in one game with the Toronto Blue Jays?

Carlos Delgado hit four for the Jays against Tampa Bay on September 25, 2003.

When will a rod hit 600 Homers?

he already hit 600 vs the blue jays pitcher Shawn marcum.

Why do blue jays make a high pitch sound?

because they never hit puberty

How many home runs did aaron hill have in 2009?

The Toronto Blue Jays star hit 36 home runs during the 2009 season.

Who hit the very first home to run in Toronto Blue Jays history?

Doug Ault hit the first home run in Blue Jay history.

In the 1993 world series who hit the home run to win the game for the blue jays?

Joe Carter.