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Q: How many blow holes in the world?
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How many sea blow holes in the world?

Impossible to answer

How many blow holes does a false killer whale have?


Why dolphins blow out of their blow holes?

To breathe.

Do they have a blow holes or gills?

they have gills

How many blow holes does the whereas toothed whales have?

Only one. The same as every whale or dolphin.

Do killer whales have blow-holes?

They sure do.

The solar winds blow outward from?

coronal holes

Do blue whales have 2 blow holes?

Yes, they do.

Why is do whales have blow holes an an important question?

Whales have a blow hole so they could breath when they sufarce

Do black whales have blow horns?

Yes, black whales do have blow holes. They keep them closed when they are underwater.

How do you play dec the halls on the recorder?

Blow into it and cover the holes.

Does a whale have two blow holes?

some can but most dont