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According to Basketball Reference, Hakeem had 3,830 blocks in his career and holds the NBA record for career blocked shots.

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Q: How many blocks does Hakeem Olajuwon have?
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Most blocks in NBA?

3,830 by Hakeem Olajuwon.

What is the birth name of Hakeem Olajuwon?

Hakeem Olajuwon's birth name is Akeem Abdul Olajuwon.

What nicknames does Hakeem Olajuwon go by?

Hakeem Olajuwon goes by The Dream.

Hakeem Olajuwon is an athlete in which sport?

Hakeem Olajuwon was a professional basketball player.

When was Hakeem Olajuwon born?

Hakeem Olajuwon was born on January 21, 1963.

What is Hakeem Olajuwon's birthday?

Hakeem Olajuwon was born on January 21, 1963.

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Is Hakeem dead?

No, Hakeem Olajuwon is still alive.