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Willie O'Ree - the trailblazer for all the rest...

Anson Carter (current player)

Ray Emery (current player)

Fred Braithwaite (current player)

Georges Laraque (current player)

Grant Fuhr (5 Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers...retired)

Kevin Weekes (current player)

Donald Brashear (current player)

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As of the 2009-2010 season, 65 players are listed as being black or bi-racial having played or are currently playing in the NHL:

Willie O'Ree (first black player in NHL)

Grant Fuhr (first black player inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame)

Donald Brashear

Dustin Byfuglien

Nigel Dawes

Robbie Earl

Mike Grier

Jarome Iginla

Evander Kane

Georges Laraque

Jamal Mayers

Greg Mauldin

Kenndal McArdle

Kyle Okposo

Wayne Simmonds

Anthony Stewart

Chris Stewart

Joel Ward

Shawn Belle

Francis Bouillon

Trevor Daley

Mark Fraser

Derek Joslin

Johnny Oduya

Theo Peckham

Bryce Salvador

P. K. Subban

Maxime Fortunus

Chris Beckford-Tseu

Ray Emery

Darren Banks

Anson Carter

John Craighead

Dale Craigwell

Steven Fletcher

Dirk Graham

Val James

Brian Johnson

Nathan LaFayette

Darren Lowe

Mike Marson

Craig Martin

Sandy McCarthy

Mike McHugh

Tony McKegney

Sean McMorrow

Ray Neufeld

Bill Riley

Nathan Robinson

Bernie Saunders

Reggie Savage

Graeme Townshend

Claude Vilgrain

Alton White

Peter Worrell

Sean Brown

Jason Doig

Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre

Paul Jerrard

Rumun Ndur

Fred Brathwaite

Gerald Coleman

Joaquin Gage

Tyrone Garner

Pokey Reddick

Kevin Weekes

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There are 25 active black players listed on various NLH team rosters to date.

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Q: How many black players are in the NHL today?
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