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Q: How many black coaches in the NBA for year 2011?
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How many afl coaches have won a premiership in their first year?

13 ... the last coach to do this was Chris Scott with Geelong football club in 2011

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Who were the first black coaches to lead teams to the Super Bowl?

The biggest win of Dungy's career came against his close friend and protege, Bears coach Lovie Smith. They were the first black head coaches in the 41-year history of the Super Bowl.

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The highest paid soccer coaches can be paid up to 10 million dollars a year. Most soccer coaches make about 20 thousand dollars a year.

What are the salaries of NCAA track coaches?

The salaries of NCAA track coaches earned on average $49,140 to $63,720 a year. A very small percentage of college coaches earn more than a million a year.

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how much do strength and condition coaches make in the Baltimore area

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The professional basketball coaches make an average of $3.4 million per year. There are professional coaches in the USA who earn more than this.

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