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Penn State joined the B-10 in 1990 and started competing athleticall in the B-10 in 1993. They have won the following B-10 championships in football: 1994, 2005 (shared with Ohio State), 2008 (shared with Ohio State)

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Q: How many big ten football championships for penn state?
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How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

How many times did penn state win national championships in football?

They have won two consensus national championships 1982 and 1986

Who coaches the Penn State football team?

Joe Paterno is the head coach of the Penn State football team.

When was Penn State Nittany Lions football created?

Penn State Nittany Lions football was created in 1887.

What is the name of the Penn state football team?

They are called the Penn State Nittany Lions.

How many championships have the university of Texas at Austin won?

Penn State won national championships in 1982 and 1986. They were the Big 10 champions in 1994 and co-champions in 2005.

Did Lou Holtz ever play on the Penn State football team?

no Louholtz has never played on the Penn State football team.

What is the football record for Arizona state vs penn state?

Through the 2008 season, Arizona State and Penn State have met once in football. That was the 1977 Fiesta Bowl won by Penn State, 42-30.

What are all the sports that they have at penn state?

One of the sports at Penn State is volleyball.and football 8--------

What was Penn State's Highest Scoring Football Game?

The highest scoring football game for Penn State was their 56 to 3 win against Minnesota in 1994. Penn State is currently 2-0.

Does Penn State's Football Helmet have the penn state insignia on it?

no its plain it used to have the numbers on them in the 1970's.

What football teams won national championships from 1980 through 1989?

89 - Miami 88 - Notre Dame 87 - Miami 86 - Penn State 85 - Oklahoma 84 - BYU 83 - Nebraska 82 - Penn State ? 81 - Clemson 80 - Georgia