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Gary Ablett has won the best and fairest awards seven times.

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Q: How many best and fairest has gary ablett won?
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How many games has Gary Ablett played?

As I recall it, his contract commencing in 2011, was for about 9 million dollars over the next 5 seasons ... something in that vicinity.

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Fairest has 326 pages.

How many chapters are in Gail Carson Levine's book Fairest?

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Who is Gary Ablett?

The subject of who Gary Ablett is depends on whether one is referring to the father or son - the 2011 current player being the son. Being AFL footballers, both of these men played much or most of their League football careers with Geelong Football Club. Being essentially, not only brilliant players but, quite 'clean' players, the club has indeed been blessed over recent decades to have been the beneficiary. Gary Ablett Junr is one of the best AFL players I have ever seen play. He has also won the Brownlow Medal in 2009. One of his best positions is in the centre - especially as it allows him to use his expert body-use and ball-gathering skills directly at the centre bounce downs - often gathering 40 possessions per game. He is also an excellent team player and brilliant mover with the ball when in his possession. His father, Gary Ablett Senior, has been heralded by many as perhaps the best player ever to pull on a boot! Despite this, he never won a Brownlow Medal, despite often polling very well in the medal count! He was a more spectacular player than his son, but was probably not as good a team player, nor as prolific at winning the ball or dealing in packs. He was a terrific 'finisher', and a great gatherer and explosive user of the loose ball, with his superb pace. He was a very accurate kick for goal, finishing the season as the league's top goal kicker over 3 consecutive seasons and was also especially known for taking the Big grab in the air - being a terrific and spectacular high mark of the ball.

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Who is the best AFL player ever?

Answer:Placing a question like this is as 'opening a can of worms'!!The only safe thing that can be said is:Haydn Bunton Snr has won more national/state Best and Fairest awards than any other player with 6: three Brownlow Medals in Victoria, then three Sandover Medals in WA.From there, countless other names may be put forward, among them being: Laurie Nash, Dick Reynolds, Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett, Alex Jesaulenko, Leigh Matthews, John Coleman, Peter Hudson, Graham Farmer, Darrell Baldock, Russell Ebert, Barrie Robran, Ted Whitten, Ron Barassi, Jason Dunstall, Bob Skilton, Wayne Carey and the list becomes almost endless among names any one of which may worthily be considered "the best ever"!!!If we were simply to mull over the greatest ever ruckman, for instance, we would probably have to vie between John Nicholls and Graham Farmer ... and that is just for the one position!How long is a piece of string??!!

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