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None. Coors Field is a Baseball stadium.

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Q: How many beers sold at Coors Field during a football game?
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Coors, Heineken, and Newcastle.

How many beers equal a half pint of Jim Beam?

4 1/2 beers at 5% alcohol (like Coors)

What are the beers that begin with the letter c?

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What are the different brands of beer that are sold by Coors?

Coors makes a variety of different beers. Their main brands are Coors, Coors Light, Killian's Irish Red, Blue Moon and Keystone. They also have many other seasonal brands under the Blue Moon name.

How much would 100 beers cost?

It depends greatly on the kind of beer, where you buy it (including what part of the United States, etc. For example, a six pack of Coors light is about $5. So 100 beers would be about $75 for 102 beers.

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All beers are fat free, it's the sugar content that causes weight gain.

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