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There is no rule that governs how many hit batsman a pitcher can have. In practically, the team's manager may remove him if the hit batters become excessive...and the umpire may eject the pitcher if he feels the pitcher is intentionally trying to throw at batters.

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Q: How many batters can a pitcher hit?
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What pitcher hit the most batters in one game?


Is there a set number of batters a pitcher can hit?

NO!! As long as the coach wants to leave the pitcher in he can hit everybody.I hit 9 in a game once.

How many times is a batter hit by a pitcher out of 100 times at bat?

In the 2008-2010 MLB seasons, there were 497916 total at bats and 4811 batters hit by the pitch for an average of 0.966 batters hit per 100 at bats.

Baseball pitcher nolan Ryan struck out more batters than any other pitcher in baseball historyhow many batters did he struck out during his career?

5,000 +

How many batters did Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan strike out in his career?


What does hb as opposed to hbp mean in pitchers box score?

HB means hit batsmen: the names of the batters the pitcher has hit by a pitch. HBP means who the hit batsmen are.

How many batters does a pitcher have to face to record a start?

For a pitcher to be credited with a start they only have to throw the first pitch of the game.

What Major League pitcher holds the record for most hit batters in a career?

Walter Johnson plunked a total of 205 batters while pitching for the Washington Senators from 1907-1927.

Is there a limit to the number of times a pitcher can hit batters before he must be removed from the game in Little League?

NO. The limit will be determined by the coach.

How many hit batters did Babe Ruth have?

29 in his career.

What is considered a 'perfect game' in baseball?

No baserunnerIf a pitcher faces the minimum number of batters for all the innings played (which means it could go to extra innings) without allowing a baserunner, he has pitched a perfect game: no hits, no walks, no batters hit-by-pitch, no batters reach on an error. Also, the pitcher cannot be substituted.

Who are the players who throw the ball to batters?

This is the pitcher

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