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9. In the National League, all position players will receive a turn to bat. In the American League, the pitcher traditionally doesn't bat and in his spot in the lineup, a designated hitter is used.

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Q: How many batters are in a baseball lineup?
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What is a baseball lineup?

A baseball lineup is the list of players that will participate in a game.

What is the third batter in a baseball lineup called?

There is no nickname for the third batter. The common nicknames are "leadoff" (first), "cleanup" (fourth) and "last" (ninth). As a group, the third, fourth and fifth batters in a lineup are known as the "heart" of the order.

What is George Washingtons lineup?

a lineup is something in baseball well that's what my friend Lauren said

How many batters are in a baseball game?

A batting 'line up' consists of nine batters.

How many batters do you need to play topps attax baseball?

You need 4 pitchers and 9 batters.

What is the fourth batter in a baseball lineup called?


How many baseball batters must be out before the whole team is out?

Three batters must be out in an inning to switch to playing in the field

Baseball pitcher nolan Ryan struck out more batters than any other pitcher in baseball historyhow many batters did he struck out during his career?

5,000 +

How many batters did Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan strike out in his career?


How many players make up a lineup in basketball?

9 is the minimum number of players on a baseball team the major leagues have more though

Can you change your baseball lineup?

No, it is illegal to change your lineup after the umpire has collected the lineups. However, you may sub in a player for another but that player may not come back into the game.

How many softballs batters must be out before the he team is all out?

Do you mean how many batters are out in an inning before the teams switch offense and defense? Because the answer to that is three, same as baseball. :)

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