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Q: How many basketballs are used in a game?
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What does basketballs do and how can basketballs be used?

Basketballs are used in the competitive team game of basketball.

How many Basketballs used per game?

Usually one.

How many basketballs are brought to an NBA game?


How many basketballs do they take to a pro basketball game?


Can there be tow basketballs in basketball?

No, only one ball is used in a game of basketball.

How many basketballs are used in the NBA a year?


What are basketballs?

Basketballs. are round balls that are used to play on a court

How many basketballs are used during a season in the NBA?


How many basketballs are produced in a factory in one year?

207,000 basketballs.

What is a rubber bladder that is used for making basketballs made of?

The runner bladder used for making basketballs is made out of rubber.

How many basketballs were sold in 1998?

there were 3.6 million basketballs sold in 1998.

How many basket balls are used per game?

During majority of basketball games, there is only one ball used. There are typically three or four basketballs available in case in the ball needs to be replaced.Ê

What brand of basketballs is used in the NBA?


What the difference in basketballs now and basketballs in the 1978?

i think they used cheaper back Bord's or I'm not sure if this is really old, when they used old basket

What did they use to make basketballs in the olden days?

Basketballs in the olden days were made of leather but then again they used soccer balls too!

Which bounces higher leather basketballs or rubber basketballs?

rubber basketballs by far

How many basketballs sold in US?


How many basketballs fit in a car?


How many people buy basketballs?


Which brand of basketballs bounce higher Wilson basketballs or spalding basketballs?

the answer is SPALDING BALLS

What is the circumference of a women's basketball?

The official basketballs used in the WNBA are made by Spalding and are 28.5 inches in circumference. The basketballs used in the NBA are 1-inch larger at 29.5 inches in circumference.

How many companies manufacture basketballs?

number of companies?

How many basketballs can fit in a 747?

Inflated or deflated?

How many basketballs can you get from a cow?

7 b-balls

What are basketballs made for?

Basketballs are made for playing basketball.