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Prior to the 2008 championship game, Kansas has won 2 national championships in Basketball: 1952, 1988

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Q: How many basketball titles has Kansas won?
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How many titles has the Memphis Basketball Team Won?


How many national titles has Missouri won in basketball?


How many national basketball titles has California won?


How many NCAA titles has University of Utah won?

The Utes have won 22 titles. They have won 1 basketball title, 10 gymnastics titles, and 11 skiing titles.

How many conference championships has Kansas won in basketball?

Kansas has won 51 conference championships in basketball, more than any other college basketball team

Howy many national titles has Kentucky won in basketball?


How many NCAA basketball titles has the Univeristy of Kentucky won?


How many ncaa basketball titles has duke won?

They have 4 titles 1991 1992 2001 2010

Which college has won the most titles in football baseball and basketball?

The Alabama Crimson Tide have won the most NCAA Football Titles The UCLA Bruins have won the most NCAA Basketball Titles The USC Trojans have won the most NCAA Baseball Titles In Women's NCAA Basketball the Connecticut Lady Huskies have the most NCAA Basketball Titles

How many basketball ncaa championships has the Kentucky wildcats won?

Seven titles.

How many men's basketball March Madness titles has Duke won?


How many University of Arizona basketball titles have they won?

The Wildcats won their only NCAA title in 1997.

How many mens basketball championships have the carolina tarheels won?

The Tar Heels have won five titles.

How many basketball national titles has UNC won in last 20 years?

North Carolina has won three of the past 20 NCAA men's basketball titles (1993, 2005 and 2009).

How many times has duke men's basketball won the NCAA tournament?

They have 4 titles.

How many NCAA titles has Duke won?

The Duke Blue Devils Have won 4 NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Titles. They won in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010

How many national titles has North Carolina State won in Division 1 men's basketball?

2. The Wolfpack won national titles in 1974 and 1983.

How many NCAA basketball championships has Kansas won?

The men's basketball team has won three championships: 1952, 1988 and 2008. The women's basketball team has never won the NCAA championship.

How many ncaa titles have the Wisconsin badgers won?

They have 1 NCAA basketball championship in 1941.

How many national titles has Syracuse basketball team won?

1 National Championship (in 2003)

How many NCAA Mens Basketball Championships has Kansas won?

3 national championships

What teams have won two NCAA basketball titles?


Who won the latest championship in basketball for men?


Which team has won the most NCAA men's basketball titles?

UCLA- 11 tournament titles

What ncaa basketball team has won most titles?

UCLA has 11 titles and Kentucky has 8.