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1,098 wins and 208 loses.

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Q: How many basketball games has pat summit won?
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Is Tennessee basketball coach pat summit gay?


Who is the coach for the UT vols ladies basketball team?

Pat summit

What university did Pat Summit coach for?

Pat Summitt coached the University of Tennessee Women's Basketball team.

Basketball player that starts with the letter s?

· Shaquille O'Neal · Pat Summit

Which NCAA Division 1 womans basketball team has the most all-time wins?

Pat Summit, University of Tenn.

What coach has won 8 championships in ncaa womens basketball?

Pat Summit just won her 8th

Female NCAA basketball coach has the record for the most victories?

Pat Summit of Tennessee with over 1000 and counting.

What is the age of Pat Summit?


Is Pat Summit a Christian?

Yes she is.

Does Pat summit have children?


Who is the top coach for girls college basketball?

Pat Summit of Tennessee, Geno Auriema of Connecticut, and Tara Vanderveer of Stanford are all great coaches in women's college basketball right now.

When was Pat Williams - basketball - born?

Pat Williams - basketball - was born in 1940.