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On a Division 1 College Baseball team there are 11.7 scholarships. Who many players scholarships or not can be on that team?

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Q: How many baseball scholarships can a division one school have on its roster at one time?
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How many scholarships does on Division softball school give out?

The NCAA allows each division I softball program 12 scholarships; and in division II, 7.2 scholarships are available.

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What is the difference between division 1 division 2 super 2 in soccer?

There is no "difference" in terms of value. The only difference is the number of scholarships available. Division 1-A schools an have 85 players on scholarship, division 1-AA can have 63, and Division 2 can have 36 players on scholarship.

How many scholarships can division 1A football give per year?

Division I-FBS (formerly Division 1-A) football programs are allowed to have 85 players on scholarship. The NCAA does not mandate that all 85 scholarships are "full" scholarships, although in practice it makes little sense to give a "half" or "fractional" scholarship since the rules govern number of players receiving a scholarship rather than the number of full scholarships. In Division I-FCS (formerly Division 1-AA), programs are allowed 63 "equivalencies," meaning that they can give more than 63 players a scholarship as long as those scholarships do not total more than the equivalent of 63 full scholarships. Division II programs are allowed 36 "equivalencies," and Division III are allowed zero (Division III sports are non-scholarship).

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doesn't it mean High School?

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unless u are the best in D-3 it is very unlikely

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What are the chance of a high school baseball player getting a scalorship for college?

It all depends on the talent of the high school player, the level of program of the college, and the needs of the college team. For instance, an excellent high school outfielder could get a small scholarship (30%) at a Division 1 school if that program needed a young outfielder on its roster. But if the program already had plenty of OF's, the scholarship could be less, if any.