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five Baseball players

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Q: How many baseball players have broken a bone when playing in a game?
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What are the most common outfield baseball injuries?

There are many of injures you can get playing outfield in baseball. The most common injures people get are broken bone, running into each other and busted lips.

Do nfl players have to wear a hard cast or soft cast for broken arm during a game?

NFL players usually wear a hard cast, if they are able to play with a broken bone. The hardness of the cast protects them from further injury.

What is the general term meaning a broken bone?

A broken bone is a fracture.

Which celebrity has broken a collar bone?

i have heard that Madonna has broken her collar bone.

What is the human bone. Most frequently broken?

The arm is.The collar bone is mostly broken

Is a broken bone or a fractured bone worse?

In general, a broken bone and a fractured bone are the same thing and doctors will use the terms interchangeably.

What is a fracture of the bone?

A broken bone is a bone that has suffered stress. Such stress could lead to several types of fractures.

If there is a bone s?

If there is a bone sticking out it is broken.

What is the proper name for a broken bone?

A fracture for a broken bone. If the bone is broken badly enough to stick out through the skin it is called a compound fracture.

What is brance or support to a broken bone?

A brace or support to a broken bone would be a cast. When a person experiences a clean break in a bone, a doctor will apply a cast to the broken bone area. The cast allows to bone to heal properly.

When can you sign a cast on broken bone?

yes you can, the patient will not feel the broken bone once the cast is on.

Will calcium tablets help heal a broken bone?

yes, it helps to heal the broken bone