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Q: How many baseball players aer still alive from the 1950's?
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How many soccer players from the 1930 World Cup are still alive?

Francisco Varallo is the only player still alive from the 1930 final. He is 99. I am not aware of any other players still alive.

How many players from the 1972 Dolphins are still alive?

thirty two

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Barry Bonds, the baseball player, is alive.

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yes he is alive, but I am sure he has retired and he is my favorite baseball player so ya he is still alive also yes he was elected in the baseball hall of fame in my 1995.

Why baseball players wore baseball caps?

they still do. and to keep the sun out of their eyes

Where is Dick Contino now is Dick Contino still alive?

Yes, and he is still performing! He is still the greatest of all accordion players.

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If Jimi Hendrix were still alive would he still play guitar?

Yes; all his contemporary guitar players still play! AND he was the best!

Why are the baseball players still using?

because the want to have an advantage

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