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There are 15 numbered balls, plus the cue ball.

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Q: How many balls do you need for a game of 8 ball?
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you don't need any points to win a game of pool all you need to do is pot all of the stripe balls if you are potting stripes or pot all of the spot balls if you need to pot them but then it comes down to the black ball and it you pot that after potted the other balls you will win and don't pot the black ball wit the white ball or you lose

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How many balls does the home team need to provide in a soccer game?

around 5

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do you mean, Do balls need air to bounce? Yes

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You don't need a certain type, you can use even a normal Poké Ball. Different Balls have different effects. Since legandaries have very low catch rates, I recommend using Ultra Balls (Save your Master Ball! It would really stink to need it and not have it!). You should also bring along Dusk Balls if it's night, Timer Balls if it takes you a while to get to red health and basically as many as you can.Remember to save your game before catching it!

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