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it depend s on the tye of Dodge Ball you are playing but a saying is more is better

normallly 6

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Q: How many balls are used in the game dodgeball?
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How do you spell dodgeball?

That is the correct spelling of the one-word noun "dodgeball" (a game). It can also be used for the specific balls designed for the game. The two-word form "dodge ball" is also used for the sport.

How many balls used in an NFL game?


How many balls used in a baseball game?


How many red balls used in a game of snooker?

15 red snooker balls.

How many balls are used to start a game?

12 dozen

How many red balls are used in a snooker game?


How many balls are in the game pool?

It depends on the game. There are 15 balls in a standard set. However, all of the balls are not always used, and some games use different balls.

When was the game of dodgeball created and what was used for balls?

the game dodge-ball was created back in the day..... i mean a long long long time ago.. .by and Chinese group... and the dodge-balls never started off as ball.... the were human heads of people they did not like...... so they were used to scare the towns people when they would throw them

How did dodgeball become a sport?

Dodgeball has its origins in Africa. The sport was played there more than 200 years ago. It was not a fun game there with rocks and putrefied matter being used instead of soft balls. It was used by the tribes to practice agility and ruthlessness. Dr James H. Carlisle witnessed this and replaced the rocks with a leather ball and brought the game to England with him during his travels.

How has dodgeball changed over the years?

they use rubber balls insted of foam balls. in china i think they used to cut off peoples heads and through the heads at each other

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How many coloured balls are used by each team or competitor in a game of croquet?


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