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Every game starts out with 72 baseballs. The average life of a Baseball, is 6 putches, so if you take the average pitches thrown in a game 250 - 300, you get about 40 or 50 balls used in a game. A side note, every ball that will be used in a game has mud from Mississippi worked into the ball. This is why they are never bright white.

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Q: How many balls are used in an average 9 inning game?
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How many balls are lost during an average Baseball game?

four balls are lost during an average baseball game

What is number of baseballs used in a 9 inning game?

The number of baseballs used in a 9 inning game can differ from many foul balls and homeruns. So there is no exact number of baseballs used in a 9 inning game.

How many balls on average do they go through a MLB game?

I would say about 85-90 baseballs are used in a game. I believe, if memory serves, Rawlings estimates closer to 112-120 balls per game. Average life span of a major league baseball is 7 pitches, so the actual number would depend on pitch count, foul balls, homeruns and players flipping souveniers to fans at the end of an inning.

How many minutes in a 9 inning baseball game?

The average length of a MLB 9 inning game is 2 hours and 50 minutes. (170 minutes)

How many foul balls go into the stands in MLB per game average?

it's different each game but the average life of a ball in the mlb is seven pitches

How many grey balls are in a snooker game?

There are no grey balls in a standard game of snooker.

How many red balls are there in a snooker game?

1515 Red balls to begin a snooker game.

In the game cricket how many balls are in an over?

There are six balls in an over.

How many coloured balls are there in a game of pool?

Depending upon the game, there are from 7 to 21 colored balls.

How many balls in pool game?

There are 16 balls in a pool game. There are number of different types of balls available which you can see at the related link.

How many red balls in the game of pool practice?

There is no game of pool practice, so there are no red balls. The 3 and 11 balls are red in the game of pool however.

How many balls in a snooker game?

22 balls including the white ball

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