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There is no such team any more

rangers r.i.p.

Hail hail.

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2012-11-15 23:59:53
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Q: How many away games have rangers won in champions league?
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What is the largest traveling support for a champions league match?

The largest travelling away support for a champions league match was 25000 who were Rangers FC

What happens after group stage of champions league?

You enter the second round which is 2 games 1 home 1 away

What is celtics record away from home in the champions league?


Do Champions league away goals apply after or before extra time?


Do away goals count in Champions League finals?

As there is only 1 match in the final, there are no away goals.

Does the away goals rule apply in the UEFA Champions League playoff round?

The away goal rule only counts in the knock-out stages of the Champions league. The group stages rely on goal difference if two or more teams have the same amount of points.

How many games do Premier League teams play in one season?

All teams in the Premier League play 38 league games. 19 at home, and 19 away. They all also take part in the yearly FA Cup competition and the League Cup. Some teams play in either the Champions League or the Europa League depending on their previous year qualification and finish.

In the champions league does the away goal count as double if scored in extra time?

no it doesnt it still the same

Was there any year when the England premier league trophy presentation held on an away ground of the champions?


How do national football league teams travel to away games?

They travel by buses to away games

Where are the 2009 champions league Semi final?

Just home and away legs, like the rest of the knock out stages.

What if the game ended 3-2 away to Milan 2012?

What if the game ended 3-2 away to milan uefa champions league 2012

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