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Q: How many attempts do you get at jumping the same height in high jump?
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How many attempts at different height in high jump?


Do the height of your legs affect how high you jump?

Not really it more depends on your muscles associated with jumping that depends on how high you jump.

Can you chang your jumping higth in Halo 3?

FYI its height and no u cant it doesnt matter how high you jump it matters where you jump

How high can a Jack Russel jump?

It depends on the size, weight, energy level, height of jump, and if the dog runs before jumping - and the distance of that - .

How do you measure jumping height?

jump with a marker in your hand

How many attempts can you have at high jump?

3 attempts at each jump. If you don't cleat it you are out

What should a high jump athlete concentrate on?

A high jump athlete should focus on a height they they are comfortable with at first. A beginning high jumper will not have learned the proper jumping techniques, and as they practice and learn, their high jump heights will rise.

Does the height of a person effect their jumping distance?

Your height does not effect your jumping distance at a standing position but your skill of jumping and using your arms and legs will increase the distance of the jump.

Three jumping sports in Athletics?

High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump

What are the jumping events in track and field?

High jump, long jump, triple jump

How basketball players jump so high?

They practice jumping 'til the jump so high

Does your height determine how high you can jump?

NO. Your height does not determan how high you can jump. a matter of fact it has noting to do with height it is all in your technic.

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