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Attack postions:

Wing Attack

Goal Attack

Goal Shooter

Defence Postions:

Wing Defence

Goal Defence

Goal Keeper


Centre - Is attack and defence really :P

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Q: How many attackers are there in netball?
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Why do you need attackers in netball?

Because if there is no attackers who will score the goals, they wouldn't be able to attack and defend themselves

How do you label a netball court?

Share the netball court into three parts and mark it. In the middle of the netball court put a circle. Make a frame around the court. Then put a D ( semi circle ) in the ends of the court near the hoops. And you're done. Hope that helps

How many posistion in netball?

there is five posistion in netball thank you

How many quarters are there in a Netball game?

There are 4 quarters for netball

What is the collective noun for attackers?

Appropriate collective nouns for attackers are a band of attackers, a gang of attackers, a group of attackers, etc.

How many people are killed by attackers?


How many meters tall is a netball post?

the netball post is 10 ft tall!!!!!

Where do wing attackers stand in a netball?

The wing attack is the key play-maker of the netball court. It is their job to create as many goal-scoring chances as possible by passing the ball to the shooters. The WA can move in the attacking and centre third BUT not in the goal circle or the defensive third. The wing attack has to have solid passing and collecting skills. They also need good footwork and the ability to open up space on the court.

When was Attackers created?

Attackers was created in 1996.

How many calories do youu burn in netball?

for a hour of netball 300 i think depending on what position you play

What are netball scores?

netball scores are people who keep track of how many goals each team scores ;)

How many games does each team play in a netball season?

in netball max you are allowed to have 11 people.