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Great Britain sent 311 athletes to compete at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

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Q: How many athletes participating in 2008 Olympics are from Great Britain?
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Which country has the most athletes in the 2012 Olympics?

Great Britain does. 559 athletes.

What is the largest team participating in the 2012 Olympics?

The largest team is Great Britain.

What country has the most athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics?

The country with the most athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics is Great Britain. They have a total of 558 athletes.

Does great Britain pay prize money to winning athletes at the olympics?


How many athletes from great Britain are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

I'm pretty sure 541 athletes

How many athletes are competing on the 2008 Great Britain Olympic team?

313 athletes from Great Britain will compete in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing, China.

What country has the most number of athletes taking part in the olympics?

great britain

How many USA atheletes are there in the London Olympics?

USA with 530 athletes is second to Great Britain's 541 athletes on having the most athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics

How many Great Britain athletes competed in summer 2004 Olympics?

Great Britain sent 271 athletes to compete in 22 sports at the 2004 Games in Athens.

How many Americans in 2012 Olympics?

There are 530 US Athletes in the 2012 London Olympics. It is the largest number of athletes except for Great Britain, the host

Is Scotland competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Scottish athletes compete on the Great Britain team.

Are the countries Jamaica and Scotland in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Athletes from Jamaica are scheduled to compete in bobsled, skeleton, and freestyle skiing at the 2010 Olympics. Athletes from Scotland compete with the team from Great Britain in the Olympics.

What countries are participating in men's figure skating in the 2006 Olympics?

Canada, USA, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, China.

Which country has most atheletes in the London 2012 Olympics?

Great Britain has the largest number of athletes with 564 at the 2012 Olympics, second by the US with 539.

How many countries have participated in all of the Olympics?

ANSWERSwitzerland, France & Great Britain. !)The correct answer is actually Greece , Great Britain and AustraliaAlthough Great Britain barely participated in 1904, as the only "British" athletes were Irish.

Have England won any medals in the Olympics?

'England' participates as Great Britain in the Olympics, individuals in the team can come from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Great Britain has won 715 medals in the Summer Olympics, 22 at the Winter. Out of all participating countries, Great Britain is the only country to have at least one Gold at every Summer Olympics. Great Britain has been most successful at Athletics, Rowing, Sailing and Cycling.

Why does Scotland compete against England in the World Cup but their Olympic athletes compete with them as Great Britain?

the olympics allow them to choose.

How many British competitors at the Olympics?

Great Britain sent a team of 312 athletes to compete at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

What place did Britain come in the Olympics?

Great Britain was in 3rd for most the Olympics but by the end of the Olympics Great Britain dropped down into 4th.

Who does Northern Ireland join in the Olympics?

Athletes from Northern Ireland who also hold Irish citizenship may represent Ireland at the Olympics. Otherwise, athletes from Northern Ireland are part of the team from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Did Great Britain ever boycott the Olympics?

No, Great Britain has participated in every Summer Olympics and every Winter Olympics.

Why was the Scottish flag banned at Beijing Olympics?

It is because only flags of participating countries are allowed to be flown at the olympics. Scotland does not enter the olympics, Great Britain does, so only the Union Flag is allowed to be flown.

Which country has the most athletes in the London Olympics?

Great Britain, the host country, has the most athletes competing in the London 2012 XXX (30th) Summer Olympics. The United States follows second, yet pretty close to the to them in number of Olympians.

What coutries will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics?

204 of them can be found named witth the number of athletes under the related link. The Participating National Olympic Committees are what the countries are called because some like Great Britain include Wales Scotland and other countries.

How many athletes will be competing in the 2010 Olympics?

Not sure yet, but the people who watch the Olympics will have a great chance of finding out how many athletes there are.