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Q: How many athletes from Malta participate in the 1948 Olympics in London?
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Which countries have the most and least number of athletes in London 2012 Olympics?

Most USA Least Malta 5 athletes Don't blame me if I'm wrong. I'm only 9 years old

How many olympic medla has Malta on at London 2012?

The 5 athletes from Malta did not win any medals and did not advance into the finals for medal competition

How many athletes did Malta send to the 2012 Olympics?

Malta sent 5 athletes to the 2012 Olympics Games. Their names and events are as follows: BORG Diane - Athletics CHETCUTI Andrew - Swimming CHETCUTI William - Shooting CHOUHAL Rachid - Athletics MUSCAT Nicola - Swimming

Did Malta play at all the olympic games?

No ... the 2012 Games in London will be Malta's 14th appearance in the Olympics, the first time being at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam. Malta has appeared at every Summer Olympics since the 1980 Games in Moscow.

In what did Maltese take part in Olympics?

Malta first competed at the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam. They have competed in 14 Olympic Games and have sent a team to every Summer Games since 1980. Malta has never sent a team to the Winter Olympics. At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Malta sent 6 athletes to compete in athletics, swimming, judo, and shooting. No Malta athlete won a medal.

What is the flight distance from London to Malta?

well from Malta to London there is 1220nm regards James Malta A319 pilot

What sport does Malta do in the Olympics?


What year was malta first entered into the olympic games?

No, Malta is to small to hold the Olympics.

How many competitors does Malta have at the 2012 Olympics?


Who are Malta sending to the 2012 Olympics?

wiliam chetcuti

How many air miles are there from England to Malta?

There are 1,302 miles between London and Malta.

Did Malta win any medals at the 2004 Olympics?

No, Malta did not win any medals at the 2004 Games in Athens.