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"At least 502 official at bats are needed to qualify for a batting title. MLB uses a calculation of (number of games * 3.1) to determine the number. Since a full major season consists of 162 games, 162 multiplied by 3.1 equals 502."

This is incorrect. MLB requires this many Plate Appearances to qualify, not at bats. A player could theoretically go 1-1, then get 501 walks, hit by pitches, and sacrifices to qualify.

The correct answer for minimum AT BATS, to qualify: is 1.

Even taking aside the semantics of PAs vs ABs, a player can still win the batting title with fewer than 502 PAs. If his average is high enough, that theoretically adding on extra outs till he would reach 502 and STILL be highest, he can still win it. [Or any other PA based stat like OBP, SLG, OPS]

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Q: How many at bats do you need to win a major league batting title?
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