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Q: How many assists has Rooney got in his career?
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How many offsides has Wayne Rooney got in his career?


How many pounds has Wayne Rooney got?

he has got £8.6m

How many yellow cards has Wayne Rooney got this season?

Wayne rooney got a yellow card againt swansea on this day.

How much assists did Steve yzerman get in career?

Steve Yzerman got 1063 career assists. He is #7 on the all time NHL assist list.

How many man of the match has Wayne Rooney got?

he's a boxer

Has Wayne Rooney got a son?


How many GCSE's did Wayne Rooney pass?


How many goals Rooney scores in his career?

He has scored 364 goals alltogether 214 for Manchester United 93 for Everton 67 for Everton reserves Rooney is an excellent player with a alot of potential however he has got an ANGER PROBLEM WHICH SOMETIMES AFFECTS HIS GAME! Overall, he is a very skillful player! Get in there wazza! (p.s. shrek the ogre)

Does Wayne Rooney got to the gym?


Has Wayne Rooney got a dad?


Has Wayne Rooney got pets?

Yes it is a dog.

How many goals as Rooney got this season?

Rooney is doing very well this year, as ronaldois no longer there, all the burden of scoring has fallen on him, and heand Manchester united have become a one man band.