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Q: How many assistant coaches on an NBA basketball team?
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How many assistant coaches allowed per team in NCAA basketball?


Can a basketball team play without coaches?

yes but they have assistant coaches also

Is there an assistant coach on a basketball team?

Yes, there are usually several assistant coaches on a basketball team. These coaches can be in charge of offense, defense, shooting, playmaking, and other parts of the game. The Washington team in the NBA has an assistant coach in charge of free throw shooting.

How many coaches are there in basketball?

At least one for every team

How many players on a basketball team bench?

17 including coaches

Who were the assistant coaches for the Kansas Jayhawks 1988 basketball team?

gregg poppovich and r.c. buford gregg poppovich and r.c. buford

How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?

For every team there is a coach

How many assistant coaches are there on an NHL team?

The number of assistant coaches varies from team to team but here is what I understand the standard most teams carry. There are two assistant coaches on the bench along with the head coach. One assistant is for offense and the other for defense. There is also a goaltending coach who watches the game from a pressbox, "bird's eye" view and sometimes does doubles as the video coach. There is also a strength and conditioning coach. I have heard of teams carrying additional coaches for developing propects and are assigned to the minors and junior teams.

What ncaa basketball team has the fewest head coaches in team history?


How do you use the plural possessive word coaches' in a sentence?

Mr. Smith coaches the women's basketball team..

Who coaches temple universities girls basketball team?

ray quamire

Who coaches the Orlando Magic basketball team?

Stan Van Gundy

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