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One in ten United States teenagers own a skateboard.

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Q: How many amateur skateboarders are in the us?
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How many professional skateboarders are in the US?

nearly 500

How much do amateur skateboarders earn?

Nothing; they're amateurs. (Prize money is another matter.)

How many skateboarders are there in the us?

One in ten United States teenagers own a skateboard.

How many skateboarders are there in the UK?

There are approximatl 13,000 skateboarders in the United Kingdom and counting

How many amateur golfers are in the US?

50 million

How many professional skateboarders are there?


How many skateboarders are there in the world?


How many skateboarders are there today?


How many skateboarders in the world?

No one knows. Even as you read this people are probably becoming skateboarders.

How many amateur tournaments has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods won 18 Amateur tournaments. Including three consecutive US Amateur titles.

How many skateboarders are in the world?

4 billion.

Roughly how many skateboarders are in NYC?


Does an amateur's caddy get anything if the amateur wins the US Open?


How many skateboarders die each year?


How many skateboarders get hurt each year?

Maybe 10 to 30 a day, so alot skateboarders may be hurt a year

How many amateur leagues in the us for volleyball?

there are about 4 kids, teens, champion, adult

How many syllables in amateur?

Amateur has three syllables.

Who was one of the first skateboarders?

The first skateboarders are.....(refresh page)

Amateur in a sentence?

If you are going to keep on being so amateur they are not going to hire us. Stop being so amateur!

Where can Enjoy skateboards be bought?

Enjoi skateboards are a popular brand for both amateur and professional skateboarders. They can be purchased directly from the Enjoi website and distributors like Warehouse Skateboards and Amazon.

What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?

Bobby Jones won the US Open, US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur all in 1930.

How many different kinds of sports proffessionally and amateur are played in the US?

90 difernt kinds

How many skateboarders go pro every year?

two and a half.

What is the difference between Goofy skateboarders and normal skateboarders?

Goofy Skateboarders lead with their left foot and normal skaters lead with their right foot

How many amateur athletes are there in America?

There is about 2,000 amateur athletes in america.