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19-3-1 13KO's 1973 to 1976 Los Angeles, CA (Jr.Featherweight)

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247 bouts from 1960 to 1972

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Q: How many amateur boxing bouts did Narciso Kid Martinez have?
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What was Freddie roach's amateur boxing record?

he won 141 of the 150 amateur bouts he had and fashioning out a 39-13 win-loss record as a pro, 15 via stoppagehe won 141 of the 150 amateur bouts he had and fashioning out a 39-13 win-loss record as a pro, 15 via stoppage

How many clear days must there be between amateur boxing bouts?

3 days except for championships and internationals where you can fight more than once on the same day

How many rounds in an ameture boxing match?

Bouts comprise four rounds of two minutes in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and four rounds of two minutes in a national ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) bout, each with a one-minute interval between rounds. Aside from that, bouts are usually three three minute rounds.

Was John Madden ever a boxing commentator?

Yes he commentated armature golden gloves bouts.

Which boxing fighter only lost once in his first 123 bouts?

Sugar Ray Robinson

How many boxing matches did Muhhamad Ali win?

Ali won 56 out of 61 Professional bouts.

How many fights has rubin carter won in boxing?

Carter won 27 fights out of a total of 40 bouts.

Why boxing need shirtless?

There is no need, but it's a tradition. Up to the sixties pros and amateurs had their bouts shirtless, then AIBA changed rules for amateurs who have to wear vests in official bouts. Pros still don't.

Who is Australia middleweight champion in boxing?

Dennis Hogan, and Irishman, is now the middle weight boxing champion of Australia. He beat Nathan "King" Carrol for the title. He is undefeated after 16 bouts.

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Is boxing hard?

Well I'm in boxing and its not hard for me, so I would say that for some people it probably is because my daughter is 6 and it's easy for her and me. But bear in mind that the difficulty of boxing depends upon who you are boxing with. And you can get injured. All those blows to the head are not good for your health. Their is "White Colar" level boxing which is -non competitional, and their is competition boxing. I have a 51 bouts amateur career and I had different levels of intensity with my training. One may become accustomed to the prep. When one is new, it seems the training is very drastic. The training is not easy. As far as the match ups themselves, yes, it depends on how one is matched. But, for just "citizens" boxing at near white colar levels, their isn't any calibrationon match-making involved. Though one of the little secrets of life in boxing, is that you really do not always know what you accomplished until all the race horses, you raced with make it accross finish line. -Go to discussions page, please-

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