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as many as they want

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Q: How many all conference players can be chosen from each high school lacrosse team?
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How is someone chosen for all-conference in high school sports?

Usually it is all of the coaches from the other teams in the conference who vote on the players that they think deserve it. Coaches cannot vote for players on their own teams however.

What percent of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

About 9.8 million people are very good at lacrosse Take the number of lacrosse players that play in college. Take the number of players that play in high-school. Divide the amount that play in college by the amount that play in high-school. The answer (which will be a decimal) id the percentage. -ex. 0.15 = 15%

What percentage of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

12.5% or 1/8th of high school laxers play in college

What percent of high school lacrosse players play 3 sports?

About 11%

What is the number of players allowed on a Michigan high school boys lacrosse team?


What does an all conference award mean in high school football?

You were selected by the coaches in the conference as one of the best players on your team, and at your position.

Should lacrosse players have prior experience?

It depends on what age you are talking about. If it is middle school or youth lacrosse you should be fine with little to no experience. But if you are looking at college lacrosse, you definitely need prior experience.

What does it mean to have all conference in high school softball?

It means the coaches in your conference believe if they were to select a team of only the best players from their conference then you would be one.

Best lacrosse stick for middle school players?

The warrior warpath or the brine rocket are cheap and dependable

What does it mean to be all conference in high school softball?

Every high school is put into a conference that they play in through out the season, for example i went to canton high school and we played in the WLAA conference. At the end of the regular season (the games played before playoffs begin) all the head coaches of the schools in your conference get together and pick the best players from every school and form an "all conference team"

How many hours do lacrosse players train per week?

im on a state championship high school girls lacrosse team and we practice 2 and a half hours monday-friday.

What does it mean to make all conference high school girls golf?

It mean at the last game all the teams coaches come together and choose/pick people who are the very best players and you are one of the all conference players/best/top players!!

Is it better to be chosen for - all conference or all area in girls' high school soccer?

it really depends on your definition of area. if you're talking about county or district, then the all conference would be better. but if it's all state or America, then both would be better than all conference. Basically, just think of coverage of the definition. The more the coverage, the more players involved and the better the ranking/choosing,

High school lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse played by high school students

Can i play college lacrosse if i didn't in high school?

Yes, if they allow walk on players. Keep in mind though, the players on the lacross team probably played through highschool and have more experience.

How many players are on a boy's high school lacrosse team?

The minimum required is 10. 3 Midfielders, 3 Attackmen, 3 Defensemen and 1 Goalie.

How many players are on a girls high school lacrosse team?

12 players are on the field at one time. 3 homes (attack), 3 defense, 2 attack wings, 2 defensive wings, center, and the goalie

High school rankings?

you can get high school lacrosse rankings on they have all of the states and high schools that play lacrosse competitively

Can you play baseball and lacrosse in high school?

At my high school we couldn't play two sports at once, but you should play Lacrosse, its more fun

What season lacrosse was played?

Indoor lacrosse is typically played during the winter at the high school and lower levels. outdoor lacrosse is played in the spring.

How do you get selected to be an all-conference high school soccer player?

It depends on the conference every one is diffrent but it usually is voted on by coaches or a comitee. Now the better your team does overall the better your chances of being selected because you will be seen by more teams which is why the championship team usually has more all conference players.

How many are in a men's lacrosse team?

on avg. there is at least 20 men on a lacrosse team in High School. On college and pro lacrosse teams there is about 55 men.

Does Texas have lacrosse?

Yes, they play lacrosse in Texas. In fact Lacrosse is growing quite rapidly. Many middle school aged teams and even some younger ones. Especially rapid growth at the the high school level though.

How much would it cost to have a girl's high school lacrosse program?

It really all depends on how big your school is and where it is located. A high school that is closer to the eastern shore is more likely to get a boost because of lacrosse hotbeds, but it will cost a little bit. It also depends if you have a boys lacrosse team.

How many high schools play lacrosse?

There are 46 states that offer lacrosse as a sport in high school. Pennsylvania alone has 90 high schools that play lacrosse.